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Written by Admin. Posted in Rilis, Faculty


Asean International Mobiltity for Students (AIMS) initiated by a student mobility program among three countries, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand (MIT) in 2010. Looking back into those 8 years so far, this program has achieved many good performances, both quantity aspect such as the number of countries involved, number of study field, number of students and alumni; as well as the quality aspect. Up to date, 6 ASEAN countries plus 2 neighbor countries have actively involved in this mobility program. They are Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei Darussalam, The Philippines, Vietnam, Republic of Korea and Japan. This year, we received a proposal from Singapore as a prospective member to participate in this program, and this meeting was also attended by delegation from Timor Leste as an observer. Ani Widiastuti and Ni Nyoman Indriyani were the representatives from Fac. of Agriculture, UGM. Representative from UNESCO, Dr. James H. Williams (Chairholder, UNESCO Chair for International Education for Development) also participated and kindly reviewed the program. Ten study fields have been approved in this collaboration program, which are: Hospitality and Tourism; Agriculture, Language and Culture; International Business; Food Science and Technology; Engineering; Economics; Environmental Management and Science; Biodiversity and Marine Science. Updated number of students and alumni participated in AIMS program are 3209 persons.

During 8 years, each study field cluster has been working together to further develop and strengthen mobility under their respective study field. Members in Agriculture Field Cluster (attended by Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, The Philippines) found that collaboration have been broaden into some areas, for example, international students internship for AIMS students in Kasetsaart University, AIMS-like program in UNS Surakarta, expanding another country and field for students mobility in UGM, Yogyakarta, etc. The members agreed that for this moment we will strengthen the collaboration between countries, universities and alumni rather than create a consortium as suggested by steering committee because AIMS is the consortium itself and we have annual meeting to discuss and evaluate our program. We will be more focus on actions to be taken such as teleconference meeting for sharing experience among students and alumni, virtual lecture sharing among universities, setting up a system for alumni contact and planning a routine agricultural students symposium which will be participated by students from AIMS member.

In the second day, we have a country meeting. Indonesian Ministry of Research and Higher Education asked us to more promote our AIMS activity through traceable website as the ministry has highly supported the finance for conducting AIMS. The ministry will give more opportunity to universities outside Java to be more involved in AIMS program therefore internationalization will happen in all over Indonesia. Indonesian members proposed three study field to SEAMEO RIHED which were: Vocational, Education and Health.

On the third day, there was an alumni and students experience sharing. The alumni said that they were really grateful participated in AIMS program as it changed their way of thinking, made them more confident, and helped them in better achievement in their career. They expect that AIMS program will always continue and extend to more collaborative areas, universities and countries. Students shared their struggle how they survive and found good friends while being away from home. Delegation from every country also shared its achievement, challenge and how to solve, as well as further plan for AIMS program. The meeting showed us that AIMS is significant program not only for international exposure and mobility for students but also accommodate universities and countries in further collaboration as a big family for being improved together [by aniwidiastuti]. (foto & narasi : Ani W)