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The Faculty of Agriculture was established since 27 September 1946 in Klaten. The ministry of Agriculture also built the Academy of Agriculture in Yogyakarta. Due to the war in the middle of 1949, Faculty of Agriculture in Klaten was moved into Yogyakarta. On 1 November 1949, College of Agriculture was established by the President. On 19 December 1949, several universities in Yogyakarta merged into Universitas Gadjah Mada. Faculty of Agriculture was recently implemented in 1956.

At first, Department of Agronomy was part of Faculty of Agriculture under the name “Sectie Bertjotjok Tanam Umum”. Based on the resolution of minister of Higher Education and Science no. 99/1963, Faculty of Agriculture seceded with Faculty of Forestry and Department of Agricultural Technology and Culture Engineering (Faculty of Agricultural Technology).  Since 1963, there were ten sections in the Faculty of Agriculture. Three of them were “Bertjojok Tanam” section, Plant Breeding, and Agricultural Statistic which in its development later merged into the Department of Crop Science and Cultivation.

In 1972, Department of Agronomy was created as the result of the Semester Credit Unit System. The department consisted of two parts, they were Plantation and Selection. Almost all of the lecturers in Agronomy Study Program (SK Dirjen Dikti 580/Dikti/Kep/1993 on 29 September 1983) at the level of master graduate (S2) and post graduate (S3) were from Department of Agronomy.

In 1984, the name of Department of Agronomy changed into Department of Crop Science and Cultivation with 4 study programs, such as Crop Production, Crop Science, Plant Breeding, and Seed Technology. In 1994, Crop Production and Crop Science merged into Department of Agronomy whereas Plant Breeding and Seed Technology merged into Department of Plant Breeding. In 2015, Department of Crop Science and Cultivation changed into Department of Agronomy.

Being a department based on research leading National level, oriented to the interest of the nation and based on Pancasila


  1. Organizing the higher education to create human personality whose ability to understand, control, apply, and develop the science in the field of agriculture.
  2. Producing the graduates with moral cultivation, tough, spirited leadership, and superior in the field of agriculture.
  3. Conducting the researches to support the agriculture education and social service as well as advancement science and technology in the field of agriculture.
  4. Conducting social service based on research in the field of agriculture.
  5. Cooperating with educational institutions, research institutes, government, businesses, alumni, and society.
  6. Developing institutional majoring in line with the changing times and increasing the transparent management, quality, and sustainability.

Professor (4); Doctoral (12); Magister (8)

No Name e-mail
1 Prof. Dr. Ir. Tohari, M.Sc. toharidp@gmail.com
2 Prof. Dr. Ir. Didik Indradewa, Dip. Agri. St. didikindradewa54@yahoo.com
3 Prof. Dr. Ir. Prapto Yudono, M. Sc. prapto_yudono@yahoo.com
4 Prof. Dr. Ir. Djoko Prajitno, M. Sc. djopra@ugm.ac.id 
5 Dr. Ir. Setyastuti Purwanti, S. U.  
6 Ir. Budiastuti Kurniasih, M. Sc., Ph. D.  tuti_b@ugm.ac.di
7 Dr. Ir. Endang Sulistyaningsih, M. Sc. endangsih@yahoo.com
8 Eka Tarwaca Susila Putra, S. P., M. P., Ph. D. ekatarwaca79@gmail.com
9 Dr. Ir. Sriyanto Waluto, M. Sc.  sriyanto@gmail.com
10 Siti Nurul Rofiqo, S.P., M. Agr., Ph. D. rofiqoirwan@ugm.ac.id
11 Dr. Rudi Hari Murti, S. P., M. P. rhmurti@ugm.ac.id
12 Dr. Ir. Taryono, M. Sc. taryono60@gmail.com
13 Dr. Ir. Aziz Purwantoro, M. Sc.  ronsasm@hotmail.com
14 Dr. Ir. Suyadi Mitrowihardjo, M. Sc. yadi_kgede@yahoo.com
15 Rani Agustina Wulandari, S. P., M. P., Ph. D.  rani.akyun@gmail.com
16 Dr. Panjisakti Basunanda, S. P., M. P. panjisakti@gmail.com
17 Ir. Sri Muhartini, S. U. sri_muhartini@yahoo.com
18 Ir. Sri Trisnowati, M. Sc.  sri_trisnowati@yahoo.com
19 Ir. Rohlan Rogomulyo, M. P.  rohlan_rm@yahoo.com
20 Erlina Ambarwati, S. P., M. P. erlinaugm@yahoo.com
21 Dody Kastono, S. P., M. P.  dodykastono@gmail.com
22 Dyah Weny Respatie, S. P., M. Si. dyah_weny@yahoo.com
23 Ir. Toekidjo, M. P.  
24 Ir. Supriyanta, M. P. anta_supri@yahoo.com



  1. Crop Production
  2. Horticulture
  3. Crop Science
  4. Genetic
  5. Biometric
  6. Seed Technology
  7. Crop Ecology
  8. Crop Science
  9. Tissue Culture